Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ice Cream or Coffee?

This is a Middletown landmark. There actually was an ice cream shop at this location at one time. The building was vacant for many years, but new owners opened a coffee shop and restaurant at the site last year.

Despite my addiction to both coffee and ice cream, I have yet to visit this establishment. I hear it's great. I'll investigate soon and report my findings.


Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

Please do it quite soon. I'm another one here coffee and ice cream addicted ;-)

Kim said...

I love this beautiful vintage sign you've shared with us today. It's really a nice one, and looks to be from the 20s or 30s. It's nice that it remains despite vacancies and changes in businesses. Just tonight my daughter and I went out after dinner and enjoyed some gelatto. I mixed your two faves into one and had Mocha flavored.
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Bernie said...

Fabrizio - I plan to taste their coffee this Saturday.

Kim - That sign is a landmark in this town and I'm so happy the new owners kept it.