Monday, June 16, 2008

New Too

Middletown is 241 years old, but it is also a new town, with new housing developments sprouting like mushrooms after a spring storm. This shot shows three slices of both old and new. The foreground is part of a golf course, the middle ground is a housing development that is about 10 years old and the rear strip is a working farm. We don't even have to ask the farmers how they feel about the houses and the golf course, do we?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the farmer will come to realize one day that his property taxes makes farming nonsense. Then he will be told by a real estate developer how much is "land" is worth for new home construction.

Then it is goodbye to everything from earthworms and bird and foxes to milk cows, horses and goats.

It is a slice of life and as much as I hate it, it happens.

Bernie said...

Everything you just described is a much-too-regular occurance around here. We moved to this county to get away from the insane amount of development that was going on one county closer to Washington DC, where we used to live, but one day the sprawl will catch up to us.