Monday, November 1, 2010

Theme Day: Public Transportation

Middletown does not have any public transportation that I know of, other than school busses. But this 'trolley' is in service each year during the Middletown Heritage Festival.

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SRQ said...

What a fun, colorul trolley.

libraryshelver said...

I was wondering what mode of transportation you would use. I thought of this trolley or maybe the Myersville trolley that in no longer in use.

Janet M Kincaid said...

I love the woman waving at you! Fabulous!

Bernie said...

Hey Sarasota, thanks for dropping by. I visited yours today. Great photos!

Library Shelver, I thought about the Myersville Trolley but I don't have any pictures of that festival. By the way,m you should post something on your blog. I don't think I know you but I know you're local. You could write something about the Valley. Or the library. :)

Janet, yep, I laughed at that. Shot 5 or 6 in a row as they drove by. I was the only person standing in that block that day but that lady waved with such enthusiasm, as if she was in the parade.